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Today’s Top Trend for Used Furniture Buyers?

Sleeper Couch

There’s an art to following furniture trends – and another one entirely to following used furniture trends. The savviest used furniture buyers know how to spot that sweet spot where gently used pieces are coming back into circulation but are still very much in style.

So, what’s one piece of furniture that makes that list right now?

Sleeper Sofa

Thanks to a recent upsurge in designer attention, sleeper couches provide a great blend of functionality, comfort, and style. Once a staple of drab, suburban living rooms, these are now more elegant than ever.

The strength of a sleeper couch is its versatility. As the name suggests, it supplies a space for sprawling out comfortably without taking up all the space of a bed or contributing the slightly less fashionable statement a futon makes.

Because these pieces are focused on surface space, they’re often more open and minimally constructed than standard couches, often using only one narrow cushion.

Today, used furniture buyers can often find a larger-than-ever array of sleeper couches featuring chic colors and construction.

Chic Sleeper Sofa

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Minimalist Office Desks: A Growing Trend in Office Furniture

Minimalist Office Desk

The times are changing, and so are our requirements for our furniture. The days of lush, heavy, sprawling spaces are going away as we continue to streamline our lives, our tech, and our spaces.

Where office spaces once needed lots of surface and drawer space for us to stay organized, we’re seeing them look to tighter, slimmer pieces, and minimalist office desks are becoming more and more common. We’ve got our documents digitized, our files on our computers, and all our necessities tucked into the cloud.

Minimal Office Furniture

One of the biggest benefits of minimal office furniture is a freeing of physical space: with ultra-slim legs, thin tops, and clever storage, the room itself instantly appears less crowded. It’s easy to see how this would be a big plus for anyone from Silicon Valley upstarts in tiny garages to work-from-homers operating makeshift offices in their lofts.

Still think you need more storage capabilities? Look to pieces with built-in open-air compartments, or supplement with wall shelving to make use of your vertical space. You’ll be amazed at how swapping out that giant wooden desk for a minimal piece will instantly open your workspace up!

Minimalist Office Space

Photo Credits (from top): decoist, ORANGE22/MODERN, and Modern Miami