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Using Optical Illusion to Open Up a Space

Mirror Room

When you’re dealing with decorating small rooms and spaces, it can be hard to pull off your vision while keeping within the physical constraints of the room. If it looks cluttered, everything feels off.

That’s when we reach into our bag of tricks to use optical illusions in interior design layouts. One of the most common ones is bringing in mirrors to make a space look bigger than it really is, but that requires the right pieces and expert positioning.

Replacing wood, metal, or other non-see-through tables with glass tables can be another great way to make a room seem to open up, too. If a dining area is particularly small, a glass table can go a long way toward increasing special appearances, especially when paired with armless chairs.

In the area of ​​the main room or family room, leaving a space of about 2 or 3 inches between the sofa and the carpet, this will open feeling; a very important trick is to use the is-height space, use the walls with shelves, pictures and mirrors without saturating, and uses fewer tables or chairs, this gives a sense of disorder and space will look more saturated.

Moving into the main/living room, where larger sitting areas tend to be common, we like to use sofas and chairs that leave a few inches of space between the seat and the floor, giving the impression of openness. Helping these rooms “breathe” a little by replacing dressers or cabinets with shelves that make use of the vertical space is also huge. It’s also helpful to declutter these by minimizing the number of chairs, pictures, tables, etc.

And lastly, we always like to use starkly contrasting colors along with neutral tones. We keep these schemes simple so that we don’t over-saturate the eye and mind with lots of color and texture going on.

Writing Credits: Juan Martinez (Interior Designer)