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How To Keep Healthy Air In Your Home


Our insulated homes make keeping cold or warm air in easier, but it also makes it easier for air pollutants to stay in.

There are many potentially toxic materials in our homes like: many types of glue, adhesives, carpets, chemicals like formaldehyde, paint, and others that we breathe every day.

You may have also just bought furniture from a hotel outlet, a furniture reseller, or a hotel furniture surplus store and it smells…just a little weird.

But do not worry. We are giving you three different plants that are great for filtering your air naturally and to make your home smell a little bit fresher.

English Ivy

The English Ivy spreads easily, so it works very well in pots. It’s especially good for eliminating airborne fecal matter particles. It is also good for soaking up second-hand smoke to purify areas.


Golden Pothos is to be considered one of the most effective choices for eliminating formaldehyde by NASA. This plant is also hard to kill, so it’s considered to be a starter plant.


The Boston Fern is a great natural air humidifier. This fern can get large so make sure you have a lot of room.

fresh air

There you have it. If you want fresher air in your home and don’t want to spend a ton of money on appliances making that happen, then trust what NASA uses and get some new plants.


Helpful Tips That Will Make Your Thanksgiving A Success


The holiday season is upon us and it’s the time of the year we share and give thanks to our friends and family. It can also be the most hectic time of the year, especially if you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. We’ve put together valuable tips that will keep your guests feeling welcome, comfortable, and most importantly, out of the kitchen.

A dining table filled with delicious meals is a Thanksgiving tradition. Choose a long, wooden dining table that will accommodate all of your dishes. Now give the table a dash of color by adding a rustic plaid table top cover. Make your table memorable by placing matching floral napkins below your tableware.
Having proper lighting lamp for your Thanksgiving party is crucial. Too much light can have your guests feeling overwhelmed. Typically, soft and dim lighting is ideal. You can also add creative lighting options like tea lights, candles, and string lights.


A few weeks before your Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to have an estimate on the number of guests attending. It’s important to keep in mind any unexpected friends or family members that could stop by. Be sure to arrange your living room with comfortable seating that includes armrests and place them close to each other to allow conversation. You can find a vast selection of high-quality arm chairs at well-established furniture liquidators for a fraction of retail.

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to be around those that you love. While it’s key to have a perfectly cooked turkey, so is sharing and creating memorable experiences. Make the most out of your Thanksgiving this year by enjoying great food with great company!

Create The Perfect Mood With Accent Colors

Photo: Liliane Limpens

One of the easiest ways to liven up your home is with accent colors and matching accent decorations. Accent colors are used to help give a room a pop, to blend the color scheme together, and most importantly, to decide the mood of the entire room.

Using accent colors is about two things: choosing a mood that you want to provoke and choosing where you want the attention of your guests to be drawn to.

In the above picture, the homeowners chose red and pink to give the room a playful and energetic vibe by picking two pink and red decorative toys. These color choices enhance the clean strong lines of the room while also inviting kids to come play. This type of subtle invitation can be done with small accent items such as picture frames and pillows.

Photo: Jolante Van Hemert
One of the popular ways to use accent colors is by painting a single wall; accent walls can have a huge impact on the mood of the room so you want to be careful in what wall you choose to paint. Where the first picture gives us a small splash of color and thus a small splash of mood, this bubble gum pink almost overwhelms the senses with its vibrancy.

When you are picking accent colors, focus on what these colors make you feel when you’re in the room. The whole reason you want to choose an accent wall color is to enhance the mood that you want yourself and your guests to feel when they come into your home. The best way to accomplish that with accent walls is to use softer more muted colors which will invite the mind into the room gently.

Photo: Maegan Tlntarl

If you are planning on using accent color for a brown couch, pick a soft buttery tan color for your accent wall and use the bolder shades of bronze and brown for other accent glassware and throw pillows. Use the bolder colors centerpieces which can be enjoyed by your family and your guests either with an accent sofa to lounge on or blankets to wrap up in.

When choosing an accent color look at what you already have, we typically buy things that are colors we already like, and you will find a theme to the colors you enjoy. Pick the one which is most dominate in the room and focus on the various shades of that color to help bring the room together.

Writing Credits: Juan Martinez and Michelle Nickolaisen
Photo Credits (From Top): Liliane Limpens, Jolante Van Hemert, Maegan Tlntarl