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Three Tips for Choosing Patio Furniture

upscale patio urniture

It’s officially summer so that means we’re thinking about patios here at AMC Furniture Solutions. Having the perfect piece of patio furniture can make your home much more hospitable.

There is a problem when buying patio furniture, though. It’s not all great. In fact, some of it is really bad. Plus, there isn’t one patio set that fits everyone’s needs.

In this post, we’re covering three quick tips for buying patio furniture.


1) Focus on Easy Care

Depending on what you’re going for and how much you enjoy taking care of your home, this could be the number one choice. Many metal, teak, cedar, and especially all-weather pieces don’t require much upkeep.

2) Make Sure it’s Comfortable!

Getting new furniture can be a total waste if it’s not comfortable. You just won’t end up sitting in it. This may seem too obvious…but some people forget that they’ll actually be using the furniture.

3) Get Quality Furniture

Make sure it lasts a long time! You don’t want to have to buy furniture every season. It’s relaxing to know that a piece you’re buying is going to last for many seasons.

family furniture

So what are you waiting for? Go find some nice patio pieces from your favorite used furniture store, furniture hotel outlet, or wholesale furniture store that you like and enjoy summer!


How to Make Your Couch Firmer

Sagging Couch Cushions

Lots of unsavory things come with age: color paling, frayed ends, sagging…

We’re talking about furniture, of course (even if all that sounds a little too familiar). And this is often particularly true of couches, loveseats, armchairs, and any kind of piece that gets a lot of sitting action for long periods of time – think, anything you lounge in to watch Netflix for hours.

Let’s use a sagging couch as an example. Do you have to toss it? The answer is no – sort of.

The quick way to make your couch firmer is to cut a piece of plywood to go beneath the cushion. Obviously that comes with some drawbacks, like over-firmness, chaffing to fabric, and possibly unsightly plywood visibility.

Couch Foam Fix

The less quick but better solution is to have a piece of extra-thick foam cut to fit your cushions, ideally a density above 2 pounds.

Now for the “sort of” part. This isn’t a temporary fix. If you’re dealing with springs that are shot, you’ve got a faulty foundation that will show through eventually. But for a quick-ish fix that’s inexpensive and comfortable, foam is your best bet for making your couch firmer!

Firm Couch

Photo Credits (from top): Xtraordinary by Design, LivingHomeFurniture, and Poynter.