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3 things to Avoid when Buying Pre-Owned Furniture

used chair

Buying pre-owned furniture is a great thing, but there are a few common pitfalls to avoid when buying it.

1) Impulse Buys

Buying a new piece of furniture can be fun, but be sure you’ve done your research to make sure you really need it. It’s best to spend at least a few days thinking it over. If there is an extremely good deal, but you still aren’t sure, then it’s still best to wait it out. There will always be more good deals. Upscale furniture resale places can be enticing, but learning to delay gratification will always pay off in the long run.

2) Choosing Price over Value

One big reason people choose used furniture is because it’s vastly cheaper than new. This is a good thing, but choosing too cheap a piece of furniture could end up costing you more money.
If the chair you buy breaks only after a couple months, then it probably was not a wise investment. Be sure to always check the quality of the piece before buying.

3) Ignoring Comfort

beautiful chair

Just because the piece looks amazing or is trendy does not mean it’s the perfect buy. The piece has to be easy to use and comfortable. Also consider how much this piece of furniture is going to be seen by clients and others. Depending on where the furniture is, then it may not matter if it looks trendy.

Avoiding these three common pitfalls of buying pre-owned furniture will surely leave you with something you’re proud of and will end up using for years to come.


How Does Decoration Affect Us?

Have you ever wondered why it really is that we decorate spaces?

The answer is parts physical, sociological, and psychological. The spaces where we live and spend our leisure time, the spaces where we rest and relax are affected by our environment the way that our workplace is affected by someone coming over to move something from our desks – decoration directly influences our thinking. We identify with a place’s colors, textures, atmosphere, smell… everything that makes you feel at home or in a place that’s your own.

In order to make a space feel like our own, we have to combine many different ingredients – the most obvious one being color choice. Consider how we don’t just throw our favorite colors into a space and call it done. We have to research and think about the way that color makes us feel just to be exist in its presence.

For example, in a dining room it’s important to use orange, red, or yellow with a picture, wall, or even fruit basket. Traditionally these colors naturally make people anxious to eat. No matter what room you’re decorating, it’s imperative that you pick colors to suit the place that also psychologically ground you the way you should feel in that particular room.

But don’t let all this talk of psychology confuse you. Decoration is actually very simple – just create a space that’s decorated to reflect not just a nice look, but the way you want to feel while you’re there.

Writing Credits: Juan Martinez (Interior Designer)
Photo Credits (from top): Deccoración, Deccoración, and Deccoración