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The Secret of Furniture “Sales”

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Almost everyone has that one furniture store in their town that always seems to be going out of business. Why do they do this? Just so they get to have a going-out-of-business sale. Used furniture stores, second-hand furniture stores, and hotel surplus stores all love to have big and commercialized sales.

But is this really the way to buy furniture? Is this the cheapest way?

Of course not.


Many businesses markup their prices just so they can say they’ve marked them down for a sale. Frankly, the team at AMC Furniture Solutions is tired of watching stores trick their customers with their staged sales that actually offer no benefit. That’s simply not fair to you when you’re trying to figure out what to buy.

sales tricks

At AMC, we value easy and clean shopping. That’s why we price everything in our store for the lowest price we can. Imagine how much you’ll benefit from being able to browse furniture and seeing a low price that’s actually the real price. No price games or hidden tricks. Just a great product and a low low price..

At AMC Furniture Solutions, we want to be your trusted place for furniture. Just click here to start browsing so you can see some real low prices.

And remember, when we have holiday sales they are real sales.

Thanksgiving Employee Appreciation Lunch at AMC


AMC Liquidators treated their employees to a delicious Thanksgiving lunch today to show their appreciation.

The lunch was catered by Boston Market and included holiday staples such as turkey, mashed potatoes, and of course, pumpkin pie!

Employees from the retail, warehouse, and corporate side joined together to share in this wonderful experience.

We hope you spend these holidays surrounded by those you love and we are thankful for having you as part of our AMC family.

AMC Liquidators Supplies Underground Bunker with High End Furniture

Does the furniture in this $17.5 million underground bunker called “The Facility” look familiar? It should!

AMC Liquidators helped furnish the two-level bunker with everything from bedroom sets to chairs. In fact, every piece of furniture in the bunker is from AMC except the kitchen appliances.

The recently updated bunker can be found 45 feet underground in Tifton, Georgia. It features four luxury apartments, each with their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room.

The top level is outfitted to include many luxurious features including a commercial-grade kitchen and a home theater that seats 15 people. Oh, and it can also withstand a nuclear blast of 20-kilotons!