How to Make the Most of Your Loft: Furniture Tips

Loft Apartment Space

Quick—what essential element makes or breaks a loft?

If you answered “space,” you probably already live in a loft!

The key feature of any great loft is the openness of the place. This may seem obvious, given the structure that makes a loft a loft, but it’s important to keep this idea firmly in mind as you select the pieces that will go into one.

Large Loft Space

To help facilitate a healthy “flow” throughout your space, your loft furniture should tend toward minimal in design, allowing for the appearance of a larger room. This gives you more apparent space to work with in structuring your layout.

Second, since you’re dealing with a space where there aren’t such clearly defined “rooms” as a standard home, you’ll want to consider how that furniture encourages a feeling of separation but also cohesion. Does your kitchen table feel like it’s part of the living area? Does your office chair clash with your bedroom theme?

Modern Loft Apartment

Loft furniture in any room can generally be seen from any other part of the loft, so it’s vital to keep an aesthetic flow while allowing for an overall impression of spaciousness.

Photo Credits (from top): Hall of Homes, iDesignArch, and HappyModern

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