Keeping House: Tips for Keeping Up Your Rental

When you run a rental property, you have to keep in mind that the guests’ experience is based on how well you prepare. From your protocol to your staff training to your accommodations, everything on your end works together to enhance the guest experience.

Here are a few rental property tips for keeping your rental property ready.

Have a Standard

The best hotels and rentals all have a set standard for the way they present each property. How the towels are hung, how the beds are made, the color schemes, etc.: every aspect of a space will come back to reflect your property/company. Keep it consistent throughout.

Train and Respect Your Staff

Plans for consistency amount to nothing if your staff isn’t ready to implement them. Be sure your cleaning and prep staff know the protocols, and respect their abilities and responsibilities. That could mean hiring more workers or working to optimize their schedules – just remember that happy (not overworked/burdened) employees are efficient employees.

Keep Up with Inspections

Even if you have to inspect each room yourself, it’s ultimately your responsibility to make sure each space in your rental meets your standards.

Stay Organized

Keeping a log of guest check-ins and check-outs that aligns with your prep and cleaning protocols will help keep your property running smoothly. You don’t want to keep new guests waiting as you get your past guests checked out and cleaned after.


Writing Credits: Juan Martinez (Interior Designer)
Photo Credits (from top): Hotel Phillips, New York New York, and wall–

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