Using the Right Symmetry in Interior Spaces

Symmetrical Interior Design

There are a lot of theories about how to design a room, and applying good taste to a unique concept isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Art and design are subjective, but the goal is to make the person inhabiting a space feel like a singular part of its decoration.

Historically, symmetry has always been an essential element of beauty – however, that doesn’t mean that for something to be beautiful there has to be an exact similarity between its halves. Even asymmetrical design requires an understanding of symmetry, and to successfully design a room you have to study the architectural structure of the setting.

Symmetrical Interior Design

It’s true that making a room symmetrical can give it a sense of balance, but to some extent that can also make a space feel monotonous and simplistic, making it less interesting to the eye.

It can easily become boring after a whole to have perfect special symmetry, so consider how the use of colors and shapes can enrich the space and generate a more dynamic feel through contrast and complementation.

Symmetrical Dining Room Design

Writing Credits: Juan Martinez (Interior Designer)
Photo Credits: Element 5 Design

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